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> Denmark | Rikke Andersen
> ~19 years old
> from 1620

> Daemon: Kristian, bear

> Narva/Kira
> Contact: Plurk or PM or AIM: janteslaw

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May Denmark
- hit on your character?
- hug/drape over/otherwise wrap around your character?
- pick a physical fight with your character?
(all these questions go for both guys and women)

May Kristian (=lion!)
- try to pounce on/hug/etc your daemon? (especially relevant if your daemon is small and/or fragile)


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[There's a party going on, and for some reason, you were invited. And are wearing a garb that would be normal in 1620 now.

Because you are in 1620.

Look around and be confused while you still can, because Denmark is already making a beeline for you.]
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Name: Narva / Kira
Are you 18 or over?: Over
Other characters played:N/A


Name: Denmark | Den, Denny | Rikke Andersen (Rikke is short for Frederikke, but Denmark won't use that)
Canon: Axis Powers Nyotalia
Age: looks 19 / roughly 1500
History: for specific Nyotalia things, see the personality section
Point in canon:1620

Window Location: Outside of the general meeting place for nations (not specified in Hetalia), in the nearby forest.
Universe: An universe much like our own in which the nations are personified by mostly females. Since Hetalia as well as Nyotalia are comedy, fourth-wall-breakages and anachronisms in general are very common. The year is 1620.
Abilities: Nation immortality (it is basically impossible for a nation to die; they don't even die at the end of their lives but rather "go away"). Pulling beer out of thin air or rather, just never running out of it and suddenly having a bottle on her that was not there moments ago when she feels like it. Not a conscious ability or one that she could control (she's not a heavy drinker at all and is more likely to have it because she offers it to others than because she drinks it herself).

Possessions: A set of male clothes, slightly altered to better fit for a female; a ceremonial sword.


Denmark has always been a loud and temperamental person; her emotions are strong and expressed quickly, and she tends to jump to not only conclusions but also reactions. It sometimes seems as if, when the ability to express oneself was distributed to the world, Denmark somehow hogged the Scandinavian portions and didn’t give the other two Scandinavians their share, instead keeping all of it. There might be some truth in that impression: For a long time, until they picked up Iceland and Finland, the three of them grew up more or less together, and until the end of the Kalmar union they stayed her most important people. Denmark did encounter other nations, but the encounters were usually hostile and they weren’t family anyway. That means that to someone who dislikes silence and being alone, there was only one option: Learn quickly how to fill the silence and how to keep the family together. The first made her a very chatty person, someone who almost constantly talks and laughs and comments on everything. It got so ingrained into her that by now it isn’t something that she does to fill the silence anymore; it has become an integral part of her that she could not let go of if she wanted to. Which she doesn’t.

The second point, keeping the family together, triggered two developments. Sweden and Norway both had a tendency to go places alone and neither of them was very quick to jump on the train of or introduce new things, and they also loved to quietly enjoy a break. Which Denmark considered boring and not favorable if you ever wanted to get anywhere. And yeah. Just no fun. The result was that Denmark was usually the one to drag the others somewhere or start things, and to make sure that they kept rolling. The development was of course not very stringent, because they were nations and were at war and allied with each other in different ways at different times, but in 1397, Denmark had finally managed to get everyone under the same roof. And that was when the trouble started. Always starting and controlling things meant that Denmark had assumed the role of a leader, and firmly believed that that was the only way to keep everyone together. So aside from being the person who motivated, pushed forward and cheered up her family and just in general made them a unit, she also became the person who oppressed them to stop all behaviors that might have caused the group to break apart. That finally led to a series of violent clashes with Sweden that culminated in the bloodbath of Stockholm and the eastern nation taking her leave three years later. A short period of relative peace followed, and then 300 years of being at war with each other started.

While Rikke is a less prone to violence than her male counterpart and will personally only use it to defend herself or those important to her (I’m mostly basing this on the fact that in the Viking times, both men and women were trained warriors but only the men went on raids while the women were taught how to fight to defend their homes). This, however, does not make that she hardly gets into violent fights, because her tongue is a lot sharper than her male counterpart’s. She will make lewd remarks, yes (especially when she knows that it will get her a reaction), but mostly her verbal attacks are much sharper and better fit to hurt. She’s still not great at being subtle, and she’s just as unable to detect someone else’s subtleties as male Denmark, but she can do it rather well when she is insulting another person or trying to tease them or get them angry. So she has to defend herself more often than one would think.

Many people would describe Denmark as stupid, but that isn’t it. Like America, she could be able to read the atmosphere, but unlike him, she was too young to really realize what she was doing when she decided to be unable to do it. And then she took a step further into the same direction: Interpreting the parts that she could not ignore in her favor. Norway is shy, which is why she is so stand-offish; her insults of Denmark’s brain capacity and manners are really the other woman showing her affection without knowing how to do it correctly. Sweden didn’t leave because Denmark did something wrong, but because power was more important to her than family. Iceland loves her and is only shy as well. And so on. Really, everyone who is not head over heels for or at least at good terms with her is either shy or momentarily confused. She’s not nearly as keen on “fixing” people’s opinions as Russia, though; her approach is more that if she ignores the problem, it will go away.

This is how she maintains her upbeat and happy attitude and personality. The fascinating thing about this is that she is truly and genuinely a happy person, despite being told practically constantly that she is annoying, stupid, obnoxious, evil, cruel, or worse. The only thing that she will not take is physical abuse. Unlike male!Denmark (who is canonically physically abused by Norway without taking action about it or anyone really coming to his aid), she will very clearly draw a line here, no matter if the abuser is a friend or enemy. If you hit her, you better be ready to land yourself in hospital (This ties back to the paragraph about her violence being defensive). Everything else she will shrug off and carry on.

Generally spoken, Denmark is a happy and positive but also very overbearing person. She is, however, not in the least a motherly figure. She is through and through a big sister, no matter how old the other person is. If you let her, she would most likely try to be the big sister to China and Rome. She is the big sister who drops in on your first date to interrogate your not-yet-boyfriend; the one who introduces you to porn and who will beat up this kid that is being mean to you, no matter if you asked her to do it or not.

And yes, she is loud, not only her voice but her whole demeanor. Her gestures are huge, she likes to hug others or pat their backs, she runs around and drapes herself over people and tends to act like a child on a sugar high. While she does try to be a lady, or at least a proper woman, she forgets about that when she is excited. A big part of her problems with that is that she grew up as a boy half the time, often pretending to be of the other gender because it made a lot of things easier. So she got used to acting like a guy when it fit her. She still wears male clothes when she is at war with someone, even when it is not on the battlefield but for peace/ceasefire/alliance talks. Partly because she can move in them more easily, partly because she feels that it gives her more authority when dealing with the almost always male politicians.

Not that she would be scared of males or feel inferior. She is aware of the general difference in the perception of the actions and roles of males and females but as a nation does rarely apply it to herself. This also ties into her sex life. She has what one would consider a rather male approach when it comes to bedding someone (see the judgmental difference between “slut/trollop” and “womanizer/ladykiller”) and will never think of it as “having gotten laid” - it is always active on her side. She’s not overly promiscuous, but definitely not interested in long, monogamous relationships or something along that line, either. She also doesn’t do romantic very well (as in, the difference between “romantic” and “let’s hang out only us two as buddies”), but also doesn’t consider “going back to being friends” something that should be a problem; thus she won’t say anything against the concept of friends with benefits, either. I’m explaining this here because it is important for her relationship with Norway. Yes, they are best friends. Yes, they sleep in the same bed as friends. Yes, they have been intimate before and might be intimate again. Yes, they are officially married. No, that doesn’t mean that either of them would feel like it was cheating if one of them would sleep with someone else.

Denmark is also incredibly stubborn. In combination with her being very insensitive, that can come out as arrogant, but that is something that she definitely isn’t (just one more thing that she does not have in common with the other two Scandinavians).

Thread Sample:

Thread & Post & D_M

Prose Sample:

[Set during the talks about the treaty of Knäred, which ended the Kalmar War.]

There were three things that Denmark decidedly didn't like, and two of them were present right now: Boredom and Sweden. She preferred both to being alone any day, and deliberate slips of the tongue were always fun, but right now they both just had to sit around and listen to diplomats trying to figure out treaties. She had won the war which was awesome, but sitting around like this was not. At least Norway was present as well, and after a while the older woman decided that it wouldn't get any more interesting anytime soon and started to braid her best friend's hair. That was of course a bit hard to do, considering that Norway tried to move away, but knowing that her friend was only shy and often needed to be coerced into fun things or tried to not show any affection while Denmark liked to show it openly, it did not stop the older woman.

Ignoring the glares that her king shot her and draping herself over Norway while working, she spent the next couple of minutes in concentration. But after having settled into the new activity comfortably the braiding got boring as well quite soon. She looked up and quickly found Sweden in the group at the other end of the room. She shot her eastern neighbour a grin of triumph and then let her eyes wander to the much younger female that was sitting next to Sweden, making sure that Sweden would be able to follow her eyes. And then she just looked Finland up and down, making sure that her expression was as obviously interested as possible.

She almost laughed when she heard her former oldest friend's and now dearest enemy's skirts rustle as the other woman got up and marched across the room, making the men around them stop and look at their nations. It was way too easy for her to set Sweden off - anything concerning her little "wife", any claim to Sweden herself (which, really, was ridiculous. They would all be so much better off if Sweden just came back and they could live together again - Denmark would even forgive her without demanding any compensation if she just realized how stupid the whole thing had been and asked to be accepted again), and then there was of course talking about sex and other things that would set the eastern kingdom's head on fire within split moments. Yes, picking a fight with Sweden was just too easy, and, diplomacy be damned, just what this room needed right now. The diplomats were all here, they would be able to fix the damage quickly anyway.

The eldest Nordic waited until the other woman had stopped in front of her and was glaring down at her neighbour before disentangling herself lazily from Norway, drawing out the process deliberately, and then looking up at Sweden. "Yer face looks like ya're suffering from constipation as always, Sweden. Ya'll give yer little Fin a heart attack from it one day." Denmark quickly stood during her next words, managing to dodge the hand that was coming for her collar. "I'm sure she'd love ta hand out with me instead of being scared to death by yer each day. Don't ya think so?" She had now directly addressed Finland - a move that would have been incredibly malicious because the youngest nation in the room was in no position to answer in the positive with Sweden in the room, but at the same time could hardly answer in the negative because Denmark was doing her best to intimidate her. Not that Denmark noticed how mean her move was, she concentrated way too much on Sweden to think about anything else.

When she got no answer, and before Sweden could get one of her short clipped sentences in, everyone's self-proclaimed "big sister" had already turned to Norway, who was still sitting on the couch. "Ya'd love ta have more people in the house too, right?" Because she knew that Norway wanted Sweden and Finland back in the house as well. She just was way too shy to say it. Much unlike Denmark. "Ye'd always be welcome if ya stop being a lameface and sissy, Sweden."

Plans: N/A

Notes: While Denmark's AU is canon, we have basically nothing on her particular character so her personality and history is based on how a different sex and gender would have given Hetalia!Denmark a different personality (plus the general differences between the male and female versions that Himaruya pointed out).


Name: Kristian
Sex: Male
Form: Lion
Additional notes: Kristian is fond of getting really close to everyonething that is alive, and that includes other "humans". He of course wouldn't get close enough to touch them, but it still is a proximity that is definitely unusual on a daemon. With animals and other daemons, he'll almost instantly get up in their personal space, and while there is no malicious intent at all, he might sometimes hurt another daemon with his weight and strength despite only wanting to cuddle them.
Why this form: Two things were important to me when choosing the daemon's form: That it has to be a pack animal (Denmark just hates not having people around and family is the most important thing to her after her own people) and that it has to be aggressive, preferably a carnivore. I didn't want to pick the lion because the lion is much more heavily connoted with Sweden than Denmark (Sweden has the historical nickname "lion of the north"), but then I realized that that isn't necessarily bad - Sweden and Denmark are incredibly closely tied to each other, with the typical problem that two male lions in a pack have: Only one of them can lead the pack, while there can be multiple females. And four of the Nordics have a lion in their crest, so thinking of them as a lion pack makes sense.


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