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Canon: Classic World of Darkness // Vampire: The Masquerade (= Tabletop OC)
Name: Jakob "Jackie" Svensson
World: Just like our world, only shittier, with supernatural stuff that most humans don't know about.
Age: Looks like he's in his early twenties, actually a few years older
Race: Vampire

Generation: 10
Clan: Panders (scroll up and down the page for more information)
Affiliation: Sabbat
Disciplines: Celerity 2, Obtenebration 1, Vicissitude 3, Obfuscate 1, Potence 2
Attributes: Social (Charisma 5, Appearance 4, Manipulation 2), Mental (Perception & Intelligence 3, Wits 2), Physical (Dexterity 3, Stamina 2, Strength 1)
Other notes of interest: His timeline ends with the Nightshade Gehenna scenario.

- Adopted as a baby and raised in Gothenburg.
- Did some odd jobs growing up. Among other things he worked as a waiter and errand boy at a sailing club where he caught the eye of one of the members and was invited on a few nightly sailing trips along with her and her daughter.
- Soon after that, things started to go wrong everywhere. His mother lost her work, his father got injured, they were kicked out of their flat for misconduct they hadn't committed, he got caught shoplifting. He kept losing student jobs, his studies went badly, he couldn't hold down a roommate, and so on. And then, his parents died in a car crash.
- And then, one day when going home from a party, he walked around a corner and ...he doesn't really remember what happened then, but he woke up to someone chucking a mirror at his face with a curse and leaving, and then realized that he lacked a heartbeat.
- He figured stuff out: That he was a vampire now and what the ups and downs of that were, that the city was currently held by an organization called Sabbat, that he had failed to manifest any clan markers, that there was a not-Clan called Panders that he could be counted under, and more. He found a place and a pack, which consisted of five people, two Lasombra, one Brujah antitribu, a Tzimisce named Brian and Jackie.
- They did some shit and lost some members until, after the fight in New York that formally started the vampire apocalypse, only him and Brian were left. It was there that he re-encountered the daughter of the lady who'd taken him on boat trips way back when, who had not aged a day since then and happened to be of the same generation as him and... you know, hindsight is 20/20. At least he knew who had turned his life to shit and sired him now?
- The surviving members of Elle's pack, her, Charlie and Per, were going to investigate what was going on, and Brian and Jackie were interested in the same. Olivia joined as well, and thus the six of them continued onwards together. While running around Sweden a while later they picked up Malin and not long after they encountered Rosa, who decided to tag along. - Lots of crazy shit happened and they found kiddie vampire Jesus and then the world was saved.

- he's the kind of person who'd do shit for the vine, or solely because the act or the results sound fun or hilarious (this can absolutely include people dying)
- not particularly brave. He can stand his ground, but if running is an option, he'll probably do that
- doesn't really do compassion, but if it seems tactically advantageous, they belong to certain groups or he's just in the mood he'll take care of people, be nice, etc.
- good company, even if he talks a bit much
- loves hearing a good story
- petty as shit and very focused on looks - one of the reasons why he acquired the ability to shape his body was to reach his personal idea of beauty, and if you piss him off, you may just wake up some day and be really ugly all of a sudden

- A note on gender: Jackie uses male pronouns and if asked would consider himself male, but it isn't by chance that he's putting so much work into acquiring Vicissitude and learning how to adjust his own body to look as androgynous as possible. It just never was introduced to him, or otherwise occurred to him, that he could be anything but male (or female; he tried out a female body for a while, but it didn't work out either and he didn't really want to be socially female anyway. Or male, but that's... not registered as 'not wanting to be socially male' to him, it's just aspects of masculinity that he finds uncomfortable, as far as he's concerned). If introduced to the concept of being nonbinary and nonbinary pronouns, he would likely quickly shift to 'they'. But as he currently considers himself male, that's the pronouns I use.

Skills, etc.
- Breaking/Entering - lockpicking, getting through security systems and electronic locks, how to shut off alarms, how to not leave traces, etc.
- Restaurant things - waiting, bartending, minor skills in the accounting tasks related to running a restaurant
- Eclectic nerd knowledge
- Languages - Swedish, English, Spanish
- Supernatural - Healing himself, superspeed, superstrength, turning patches of residual darkness into solid darkness tentacles, altering the skin, flesh and bone of bodies (touch required), remaining unseen as long as he stands still with some cover
- The sun can kill him, various causes can throw him into uncontrollable flight or fight reactions, he cannot eat or drink anything but blood

- When going undercover etc., he usually claims to be Brujah
- His clothes really are that colourful and ridiculous whenever he can get away with it
- Androgynous beauty. He's working on reaching five dots in looks, because #priorities. That being said, the way is body looks is still similar to what he looked like originally, but altered to fit his aesthetics.

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Jakob "Jackie" Svensson
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Vampire (Pander/Sabbat), chatty, would do things for the vine.

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